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Vektor Prix is a fast-paced combat racing game.

    It supports singleplayer and online multiplayer, AI opponents with adjustable difficulty, a variety of weapons and levels, controller support, and gamemodes such as racing, deathmatch or team deathmatch.

    Vektor Prix takes inspiration from some of my favorite games as a kid. The gameplay was inspired by Mario Kart and Twisted Metal. The artstyle was inspired by Battlezone, Star Wars (1983), and the general "futuristic-for-the-80's" aesthetic.

A variety of weapons are available.


    The weapons were designed to be best utilized under different circumstances. None of the weapons will auto-aim for you, and most require precision or timing to damage your opponent. Click the weapon names above for demonstrations.

There are many unlockable features.

    After your initial training, the first deathmatch and racing levels will be unlocked. Earning first place on any level will unlock the next in the series. Earning first place on every level in a series will unlock a circuit, which includes a bonus boss battle. Beating a circuit will unlock a new feature for you to play around with. There are medals to be earned, vehicles to unlock, and so much more.

You can play with friends, or new-found enemies.

    Online multiplayer is supported, you can race and deathmatch against people from all over the world. Every level from singleplayer is ready to be played onlined. Bots are also supported on multiplayer servers, and their difficulty can be adjusted.

Support Independent Development

    I've been developing Vektor Prix sporadically since 2009. It has slowly evolved from a simple prototype into a full fledged game. I built the game engine, rendering system, networking engine, and everything else by hand in order to create the game I wanted to play. Now, I hope to get it out there so you can play it too.

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music by supervoltage

created by djoslin